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Are you looking for a new career where you can make a difference? Do you like to make people smile? Do you have a passion for great oral health? If so, becoming a dental assistant might be just the right job for you! Dental assistants are continually in demand, with diverse fields encompassing everything from general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, endodontics and dental insurance.

In our 13-week course, you will learn about:

-Oral anatomy
-Dental X-rays
-Dental impressions
-Model trimming
-Flouride treatments
-Crown preparation
-Bleaching trays
-Crown preparation
-Office management
-Communication skills

And that’s just part of our curriculum! Participating in specific, hands-on training with Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, you will graduate knowing what you can expect when you join a dental practice as a dental assistant and come equipped with the skills and experience you will need to be successful and a valuable contributor to your dental team.

Your job as a dental assistant will be helping dentists and their staff help patients achieve their best oral health. Creating healthy smiles is an important job, and you can be a part of that. Your training will take place in a real working dental office with a small class so you can get the individual attention and training you need to be successful.

Are you ready to begin a new career in dentistry? If you are committed to helping patients have healthier, more beautiful smiles, dental assisting might just be the right place for you! Dr. Schleicher and our team are dedicated to helping you succeed with top-quality, hands-on training from trained professionals.

To learn more about our curriculum or how you can register in our dental assisting program to begin your new career, please give us a call today at 804-526-0231. At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia in Colonial Heights, Virginia, 13 weeks is all it takes. We look forward to meeting (and training) YOU!