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Are you happy with the work you do? If not, have you ever considered dental assisting? If you have ever wanted to make a difference that may not change the world, but can change someone else’s world, working as a dental assistant can give you that opportunity every day. 

2023 is projected to be a good year for dental assistants and here’s why:

1-Making a difference in the lives of your patients: As a dental assistant you will be interacting with your patients and building relationships with them. Your unique connection with your patients as you help them helps them create healthy, beautiful smiles so they can feel good about themselves.

2-Ensuring greater work opportunities: Did you know there’s a shortage of dental assistants? With so many practices looking to add dental assistants, being a dental assistant means your job will be more in demand than ever, so you have a greater shot at getting better pay, benefits and even flexible hours. Not only that, but you can become a temporary or traveling dental assistant where you fill in for understaffed practices needing a temporary replacement, and make more money in the process.

3-Being a valued team member: Every staff member at a dental related practice works together to accomplish the work mission. Everything you do is an essential part of this team, and being a reliable worker staying on course helps patients and the practice thrive. If you value being an integral part of a close-knit working team, dental assisting can give you that satisfaction.

4-Expanding your expertise: You will grow in knowledge and potentially perform greater responsibilities as you continue to learn and grow, whether through your on the job experience or by expanding your education. As you take on additional tasks you can ensure you are a more valuable asset to the practice than ever. 

If these life and career goals create a spark in you, our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia team is here to help you reach your goals! Our dental assisting school in Colonial Heights, Virginia, serving the surrounding areas of Chester, Chesterfield, Fort Lee, Prince George, Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, and Richmond, Virginia invites you to call us to learn more. Call 804-526-0231 or visit us today to learn more about training and careers in dental assisting. Your new career dental assisting career can take you places you have always dreamed of!