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One of the things you will be doing daily in your role as a dental assistant is to make sure your patients feel safe and comfortable when receiving dental treatment. This means your chairside manners need to be on point! That is why our team at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia teaches our students how to communicate best with their patients.

Elements of a successful dental assistant include having a warm personality and coming across calming while simultaneously performing your dental assisting functions in all their detail. A sincere, friendly welcome can go a long way to making them feel comfortable before they even begin their chairside treatment.

Above all, genuinely liking people is a must! For new patients, this means greeting them face to face by name before they sit in the chair for the treatment itself. When documenting a patient’s dental history, you might also note something personal that they say to you. This might include something about their family or pets, their job or a hobby they bring up. Your goal should be helping them feel like they are your first priority in this moment.

By being sensitive to their needs, you can soothe their concerns and help them overcome nervousness or discomfort while they are in your care. For example, letting them know that they are practicing good dental hygiene habits at home between dental visits and being sure to maintain good eye contact.

Getting to know your patients and helping them relax from the get go will build trust with them so they can have a positive experience with your dental office and want to return. If you are interested in learning how to be a dental assistant, we invite you to check out the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, led by Dr. Thomas Schleicher. Call 804-526-0231 to see how you can join our team in our 13-week dental assisting program in Colonial Heights, Virginia!