Our Dental Assisting Institute Can Help You Realize Your Aspirations of Working in the Oral Care Industry

As our US population continually ages and more people than ever have access to better dental insurance we are seeing ongoing growth in the oral care field. Not to mention, dental insurance continues to grow in both the coverage available and the amount of people with access to this coverage. This not only applies to… Read more »

Dental Assisting Is a Great Career Option and Our Team Can Help You Reach Your Goal in No Time!

When it comes to careers in the oral healthcare field in the U.S., dental assistants are one of those that are in great demand.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for dental assistants was around $38,660 in May 2021. That’s great, considering you don’t have to spend years in a… Read more »

Enter the Dental Assisting Field With the Training You Need Without Spending Years in School

Are you considering entering the dental assisting field? If so, you are in luck. Dental assistants are in high demand, and many have found that it is a rewarding line of work! The dental assisting career field encompasses various specialties, including not just dental, but orthodontic, endodontic, and oral surgery practices as well. Dental assistants… Read more »

Dental Assistants Can Work in a Variety of Specialties Performing Various Day-to-Day Tasks!

Have you been thinking about becoming a dental assistant? If so, you could be playing a vital role in helping clinical specialties such as dental, orthodontic, endodontic, periodontic and even oral surgery to navigate their daily operations. You could end up helping the doctor with some minor patient treatments or assisting with various clerical duties… Read more »

What Does a Successful Dental Assistant Look Like When Working in Their Chosen Field?

When it comes to having a thriving dental practice, dental assistants play a vital role in its ongoing success. These healthcare workers take care of a variety of tasks ensuring that the office runs as smoothly as possible. Succeeding as a dental assistant starts with getting certified to demonstrate that you have the skills and… Read more »

What Would Entering the Workforce as a Dental Assistant Look Like for You?

Have you been thinking about entering into a dental assisting career? What would that look like? As a prospective dental assistant, you can look forward to supplying preventative and corrective dental care while under the supervision of your dentist or dental hygienist at the practice you work for. As a dental assistant, you would be… Read more »

Dental Assisting Is a Popular Career Choice for Many People in Today’s Job Climate

In today’s workplace climate, dental assistants are valuable members of any dental team. Well-trained dental assistants support the dentist, dental hygienists and administrative team in a dental practice. Your mission? To provide more efficient dental treatment throughout the day and help patients have the best experience during their time chairside. As a dental assistant-to-be, your… Read more »

Dental Assistants Help Protect a Patient’s Oral and Overall Health!

Did you know that April is the month we celebrate Dental Hygienist Week (2nd Week in April), National Facial Protection Month, Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Stress Awareness Month? What’s more, each of these affects one’s oral and overall health!  Dental Health Observances Why are these observances important? As dental assistants, you assist your dental… Read more »

We Look Forward to Offering Dental Assisting Classes Again Soon for Aspiring Dental Assistants!

Spring is in the air and you may be feeling inspired to make some changes and new pathways for new beginnings. Have you considered changing the direction and field you are currently working in? Plan ahead for your future by considering entering the field of Healthcare! Healthcare today is more important than ever before, and… Read more »

Our Team Is Here To Help You Realize Your Dream of Becoming a Dental Assistant!

Are you ready to begin a new career in dentistry? If so, our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia team located in Colonial Heights, Virginia is ready to help! Our program offers you individual, hands-on training with our experienced dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, and his team in a real dental office! Meet Your Teaching Team… Read more »