Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Dental Assisting Career?

What do oral anatomy, chairside manners and radiography have in common? These are all subjects our dental assistant students dive into when they enroll in our Dental Assisting Institute in Colonial Heights, Virginia, for their certification! Our program offers you what you need to go out into the world and immediate employment at a dental… Read more »

13 Weeks Is All It Takes to Become a Dental Assistant!

Are you looking for a new career where you can make a difference? Do you like to make people smile? Do you have a passion for great oral health? If so, becoming a dental assistant might be just the right job for you! Dental assistants are continually in demand, with diverse fields encompassing everything from… Read more »

What Your Day Might Look Like as a Dental Assistant

If you enjoy working with people of all ages and are interested in the clinical dental field, you might be an excellent candidate for our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia! We offer a complete curriculum to earn a diploma in dental assisting. One of the areas we cover is clinical dental assisting. This area may… Read more »

Do You Have the Skills to Be a Successful Dental Assistant?

Do you have excellent communications skills, pay attention to details, and a strong work ethic? These skills, along with an interest in dental assisting can help you become a top-notch dental assistant! At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, our experienced team led by Dr. Tom G. Schleicher offers a complete curriculum for those wanting… Read more »

Dental Assisting Students Learn How to Use Dental Materials

If you have been considering entering the field of dental assisting and you live in Virginia, the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia led by a practicing dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, might be a perfect fit for you. Our comprehensive coursework includes rigorous training that offers you 78 hours of lectures and teachings in the… Read more »

The Importance of Dental Records for Dental Practices

If you are considering embarking on a new career and have decided on the concept of dental assisting, our team at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia in Colonial Heights, Virginia, would like to talk with you. Our training program offers personalized, hands-on training with a practicing dentist in an actual dental office! Our dentist,… Read more »

Great Dental Assistants Know Their Way Around Oral Anatomy

When it comes to dental assisting, training for the job involves a solid understanding of oral anatomy so you can better assist patients and your dental team while performing your tasks. Understanding how the mouth works, the individual components like the teeth which consist of layers, and what can go wrong, are all essential aspects… Read more »

Are You Trained in Chairside Manners?

When patients first enter the door, you want them to feel comfortable, safe and confident in you and your staff. Whether it’s a new patient or someone who has known you for years, you want your office to personify trust and respect. Here at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, we train our students on… Read more »

Dental Assisting Institute: Learn How to take Dental X-rays

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Are You Ready to Kick Start Your Dental Assisting Career?

At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, your training as a dental assistant is right at your fingertips. Located in Colonial Heights, Virginia, our school has been helping people earn their dental assisting diploma in a program led by Dr. Tom G. Schleicher in a real dental office. Our training program prides itself on providing… Read more »