Dental Assistants Can Help Develop X-Rays and Radiographic Images

Many dental and oral healthcare clinics rely on clear radiographic images and X-rays in the diagnosis and treatment of many oral health conditions. This could be something as simple as determining the severity of tooth decay within a tooth, or understanding the available oral structure before performing oral surgery.   Many dentists, periodontists, endodontists, and… Read more »

Dental Assistants Are Critical for Oral Health Care Practice Operations

The oral healthcare industry continues to grow each year. This includes general dentistry as well as specialist disciplines like periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, and restoration dentistry. Many of these private practices rely on dental assistants to perform a wide range of tasks to maintain daily operations. This includes clerical skills, record keeping, client relations, material preparation,… Read more »

Start A Dental Assisting Career Today!

If you are looking for a new career, then we have exciting news for you! Having a career in the oral healthcare industry can be extremely rewarding. Thanks to the increased access to high-quality dental insurance, more people than ever before are able to seek the dental help they need, which means plenty of demand… Read more »

Dental Assisting Careers Offer Long Term Growth Opportunities

The oral health care industry is rife with general dental, endodontic, orthodontic, and periodontal health care clinics. Even though some people think of these careers as only involving dentists, hygienist, and related specialists, dental assistants are also in equally high demand. The wide range of roles that dental assistants are asked to play makes them… Read more »

Dental Assistants Are Also Needed in Orthodontic Clinics

Every year the availability of high-quality dental insurance increases. This allows people throughout all walks of life to enjoy dental, endodontic, and orthodontic care that they might have previously put off for financial reasons. One area that shows is the discipline of orthodontics. In fact, the American Association or Orthodontist recently published findings that showed… Read more »

Dental Assistants Are Also Trained to Handle Administrative Skills

Dental assistants play a wide range of roles in many oral care, dental, orthodontic, and endodontic clinics. This includes helping with patient services, patient relations, assisting dental professionals in clinical care, and performing administrative duties. Many oral healthcare practitioners rely on dental assistants to manage a wide range of administrative duties. This includes patient relations,… Read more »

Dental Assistants Can Help Perform Minor Clinical Treatments

A career as a dental assistant can be very rewarding. Many oral care clinics rely on highly trained dental assistants to play a wide range of roles in daily operations. This could include clerical duties, patient relations, sterilizing and preparing equipment trays, and assisting in minor clinic treatments. In the clinical setting, a dental assistant… Read more »

A Dental Assisting Career Can Be a Great Starting Point for Furthering a Career in Oral Care

A career in the oral healthcare industry can be extremely rewarding. The American population has increasing access to high-quality dental insurance, allowing people to seek out dental care more frequently or to address oral care issues that have been put off. This means dental assisting careers are also in increasing demand. The United States Bureau… Read more »

Oral Anatomy Education Is Critical for a Dental Assisting Career

Careers as a dental assistant are growing in demand, as more-and-more people have access to dental insurance and dental benefits. This trend for industry growth and the related careers are projected to boom for many years to come. Dental assistants play a critical role in many orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic and general dentistry clinics. In a… Read more »

Dental Assistants Might Be Called Upon to Aid in Endodontic Treatments

Dental assistants are in high demand all across the oral healthcare industry. They play any number of key roles in daily operations throughout different dental disciplines. One place where dental assistants are often needed is to assist in clinical applications at endodontic clinics. This is a special focus of the dental industry that involves treating… Read more »