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Dental assistants play a wide range of roles in many oral care, dental, orthodontic, and endodontic clinics. This includes helping with patient services, patient relations, assisting dental professionals in clinical care, and performing administrative duties.

Many oral healthcare practitioners rely on dental assistants to manage a wide range of administrative duties. This includes patient relations, scheduling, developing X-rays and other radiographic images. Dental assistants might also help with filing, record keeping, coordinating with dental labs, and ordering new materials.
Here at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, in Colonial Heights, we are dedicated to training our students for success in this rewarding career field. Our program focuses on a 78-hour lecture series followed by a 50-hour internship to give you real world experience. Upon completing the program we will certify you to work as a dental assistant.

Continued growth in the oral healthcare industry inspires many dental assistants to eventually pursue further education as a dental hygienist, dentist, or other type of industry specialist.

If you live in the state of Virginia and you are interested in becoming a dental assistant you should call 804-526-0231 to learn more about the program offered at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, in Colonial Heights.