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Dental assistants play a wide range of roles in many clinics throughout the oral healthcare industry. Many are called upon to aid in patient treatments, passing tools, preparing equipment and developing X-rays and other radiographic images.

Here at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, our extensive 78-hour lecture series and 50-hour internship are designed to prepare you for all the duties a dental assistant performs. This includes a thorough understanding of the basic oral anatomy and the structures of the mouth that you might need to observe and record.

This is of especial value in regard to radiographic images such as X-rays, CT scans and possible Magnetic Resonance Images. A thorough understanding of oral structures can better prepare you to interpret these images, proving high-quality aid for hygienists, dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons you might be working with.

At the same time, many dental assistants go on to seek further education and advancement of a career in the oral healthcare industry. Our extensive training will help give you a step up, should you pursue furthering your career.

If you live in Colonial Heights, Virginia, and you’re interested in a career as a dental assistant, you should call 804-526-0231 to speak to someone at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia.