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When it comes to training dental assistants, our Dental Assisting Institute team in Colonial Heights, Virginia, has been successfully training students to work in the field of general dentistry that can be used to work in other oral care disciplines such as orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and oral surgery.

This sought after career choice is popular for many reasons, including the ability to find employment quickly and having job stability thanks to high demand. As support personnel, dental assistants assist practitioners along with their administrative team in smoothly running a clinic’s day-to-day operations. As a dental assistant, you may find yourself involved in patient care, scheduling appointments, taking x-rays, or assisting staff with dental treatments requiring skill and attention to detail.

Our courses begin a comprehensive 78-hour lecture series, where you will learn the essentials of oral anatomy, clinical dental assisting, radiography, dental material preparation, clerical and administrative skills, patient care and client relations such as taking and recording medical histories as well as learning professional chairside etiquette. After completing this part of the training, you will be offered a 50-hour internship to help you master real-world experience that makes you a valuable asset to a practice when you are seeking employment.

Dental Assistants Can Work in Various Specialty Practices

-Oral and maxillofacial surgery – you may be working with not only the removal of teeth but the correction of facial deformities.

-Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics – you may be working with straightening teeth using braces or other appliances, possibly taking tooth impressions, removing stitches, etc.

-Endodontics – you may be assisting with root canal treatment and may prepare impressions, depending on the rules in your state.

-Periodontics – you may be working with the treatment of gum problems and the soft tissues in the mouth, preparing casts or making temporary fittings.

-Prosthodontics – you may be assisting with restorations for the replacement of lost teeth.

-Pediatric dentistry – you may be working with the treatment of children.

During your time with us, you will be studying under the expert eye of our experienced dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, in a practicing dental office. Our caring team is also dedicated to helping you achieve the skills you need and work hard to help you get the quality, hands-on teaching you need.

When you leave the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia after completing our career development program, you will have applicable experience and a solid foundation in dental assisting to prepare you for your future career. Not only do we offer you the resources you need but we are ready to work with you to help you comprehend and master the curriculum. If you need financing before enrolling in our courses, we are prepared to assist you with that as well.

Are you looking for information about dental assisting in Colonial Heights, Virginia? Please give us a call today at 804-526-0231. We look forward to assisting you!