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Have you been thinking about becoming a dental assistant? If so, you could be playing a vital role in helping clinical specialties such as dental, orthodontic, endodontic, periodontic and even oral surgery to navigate their daily operations. You could end up helping the doctor with some minor patient treatments or assisting with various clerical duties and even client relations.

Tasks and Specialties

Dental assistants can find themselves fielding tasks like scheduling patient appointments along with answering potential patient care questions. A thriving practice often needs help with clerical duties like file management, developing X-rays, and updating patient histories with basic paperwork. If you are good at dental assisting you will likely find that the work is both rewarding and in demand, promoting greater job stability. Depending on the office’s specialty, oral healthcare clinics could have you helping dentists and hygienists during a patient’s dental checkup and cleaning, passing along the necessary tools and instruments, followed by cleaning and sterilizing the equipment used and then restocking the essentials to be ready for the next patient coming in.

Your work as a dental assistant might also include handling diagnostics like taking and developing X-rays, logging CT scans, as well as updating the patient’s chart. Or, you could assist with taking a detailed impression to guide a dental lab technician in creating a dental restoration like a crown, bridge, or dental veneer, for example.

How the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia Can Help

Whatever role you might serve in assisting a dental office, our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia team is ready to help you develop the skills and training you need to succeed at your future job! We provide aspiring dental assistants with a 78-hour lecture and 50-hour internship program in Colonial Heights, VA, that can help you on your way to succeeding as a future dental assistant. You will receive hands-on, real-world, industry experience and become certified as a dental assistant who can work in various oral healthcare industries. Please call 804-526-0231 to learn more about training for a rewarding career in dental assisting!