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Dental assistants have an important responsibility, they help keep patients healthy. Without daily oral hygiene care and routine dental cleanings and exams, your mouth is vulnerable to infection. Harmful oral bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and lead to heart disease and other cardiovascular issues. Keeping this oral bacteria to a minimum is key to a healthy smile and body.

This is why your local dental practice plays a vital role in keeping patients healthy and as a dental assistant, your role is also vital! You help your patients understand how to take care of their smiles when they’re not sitting in the dental chair. Your dentist and dental team depend on your helpful daily work in assisting your dentist and the practice. So how do you carry out your daily work?

Dental assistants help their dental team by performing needed tasks when the patient is undergoing treatment. This might mean taking a patient’s dental X-rays, getting them seated and setting up the area. This could involve sterilizing dental equipment before a patient has a dental cleaning and exam or oral surgery. There is prep work that comes before oral surgery, and as a dental assistant, you are responsible for getting the patient and the room ready. Much like in an operating room, during the treatment, you are the one handing the dentist (surgeon) the tools needed to work on the patient’s mouth including suctioning out fluids from the patient’s mouth so the work can be performed.

You may also take a patient’s dental impressions, apply dental sealants or fluoride rinses as part of their routine dental cleaning, and of course, clean and polish your patient’s pearly whites. You may also help with administrative or clerical work as well as show the patient how to better care for their smile based on their dental needs.

So how do you prepare for a dental assisting career? At the Dental Assisting School located in Colonial Heights, Virginia, we have been helping students just like you get the training they need to successfully work as a dental assistant. Our proven training program offers you hands-on individual training with our skilled dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, in an actual dental office. If thinking about this career choice makes your heart smile, please call 804-526-0231 or visit us to learn how you can train to be a valuable dental assistant!