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A new year is right around the corner and we hope you are ready for new beginnings. Are you feeling restless when it comes to your career? If you are thinking about beginning a new career in dentistry, you are in luck! At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, we can get you on your way in just 13 weeks.

During this time you will be training with Dr. Tom G. Schleicher in an actively running dental office. After taking 78 hours of lecture and lab and hands-on training with a 40-hour dental assistant externship in a local dental office and clinic, you will have the necessary skills to get a great dental assisting job when you graduate!

Our Dental Assisting School is located in Colonial Heights, Virginia, and the surrounding areas of Chester, Chesterfield, Fort Lee, Prince George, Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, and Richmond, Virginia. Over these weeks you’ll learn about everything from oral anatomy, dental materials, clinical dental assisting, chairside manners, administrative skills, and recording medical histories for patients.

Another subject we teach in our dental assisting curriculum is Radiology and X-ray certification. This program helps you develop both theoretical and practical knowledge of dental X-rays and you will learn how to safely take X-rays for your patients! Whether you are a dental hygienist or dental assistant, you’ll need to learn about dental X-rays.

You’ll learn all about the properties of radiation and X-ray production and operate the equipment used and how to process the film. This interactive environment will give you the training you need to conduct dental X-rays after you become certified. Between the lecture session and the clinical, hands-on and demonstrative time, you will learn the concepts needed.

Essentially, there are two core kinds of dental X-rays. These are intraoral – where the X-ray film is actually inside the mouth that shows different parts of the teeth, and extraoral – where the X-rays film is outside the mouth and is used to spot problems with the patient’s jaw and skull. You’ll learn about radiology safety, X-ray exposure and evaluation as well as radiation biology.

Our next class is scheduled to begin on January 29th, 2019 and orientation will be held on Tuesday, January 22. Because the class size is limited, we invite you to reserve your spot now! You will also need to take the 1-day Dental Radiation Safety course offered through VCU on January 12th (please register for that through

If you have any questions, please give our team a call at 804.526.0231 today. When it comes to your career, we look forward to helping you ring in the new year as your best ever!