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Do you have excellent communications skills, pay attention to details, and a strong work ethic? These skills, along with an interest in dental assisting can help you become a top-notch dental assistant! At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, our experienced team led by Dr. Tom G. Schleicher offers a complete curriculum for those wanting to earn their dental assisting diploma.

Studying under a successful dentist in a thriving dental practice you will learn everything you need to know to enter this career field. After only 13 weeks, you will have 78 hours of lectures and labs along with a 50-hour dental assistant internship under your belt!

Whether you are interested in joining a dental, orthodontic, or endodontic clinic as a dental assistant, you’ll need to be comfortable with scheduling appointments, taking X-rays, helping your team with dental procedures as well as patient services, patient relations and performing administrative tasks.

By perfecting the following skill set you will thrive as a dental assistant:

-Are you approachable? As part of a bigger team, you’ll need to be comfortable interacting with co-workers and patients to handle your day-to-day responsibilities.

-Are you flexible? Working with a smaller team, you’ll need to be flexible with your daily duties. Whether you are fielding calls. scheduling appointments, cleaning equipment, or sending out lab requests, being able to adapt to changing circumstances around you cheerfully.

-Do you have an eye for the details? When it comes to organization and data entry you’ll need to pay close attention to details to understand procedures, detect errors, follow rules and protocols and resolve issues correctly.

-Do you have a strong work ethic? Keeping a dental practice running smoothly takes daily concentrated effort, so having a proactive work ethic will help you assist your team members and patients to achieve the best results. Being a strong team player is one of your best attributes when solving problems and making decisions.

-Do you have excellent communication skills? Since you’ll be interacting with patients for dental appointments, treatment concerns and dental records, you’ll need to be comfortable handling often sensitive dental concerns and putting your patients at ease.

-Do you have great interpersonal skills? Interacting with dentists, co-workers and patients smoothly while keeping stress to a minimum will set you above others in your field. Patients often experience pain or mental stress when they come in, so you’ll need to be sensitive to their emotional and physical needs. Being a good listener and understanding non-verbal communication is key.

Along with good organizational skills including time management and multi-tasking to help with patient files, transcribing notes and possibly handling insurance claims, the more you know the more effective you will be in your work. To learn more about our dental assistant program, please call 804-526-0231 today and get your career on track!