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At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher and our staff train aspiring dental assistants how to become successful dental assistants through our 13-week course set in an active dental office. With each class size limited to 12 students, trainees receive hands-on experience and personalized attention where questions are addressed in real-time.

High Demand
There is a high demand around the country for dental assistants, and we invite you to check out our program today. In a smaller practice, dental assistants often perform a variety of duties, pitching in where needed. This could mean handling phone calls with patients or insurance companies, sterilizing instruments, preparing lab requests or scheduling appointments. Flexibility and a can-do attitude are valuable traits for a dental assistant.

Office Skills
Dental assistants learn how to record the patient’s medical history and being exact in your documentation. This is sensitive material and allows your team to safely and successfully treat the patient. Your charts and electronic dental record entries must be accurate, current and thorough, especially should a medical emergency arise during treatment.

Communication Skills
As a student in our program, you will learn not only the clinical details to be a good dental assistant, but also learn how to build rapport with patients so they want to return regularly for treatment.

-Do you enjoy establishing frequent eye contact with people you interact with?
-Are you personable and a good listener?
-Are you sensitive to both a person’s words and their body language?
-Do you enjoy helping people?
-Are you good at putting people at ease?
-Are you flexible in performing tasks?
-Are you a team player?
-Are you detail-oriented?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, a dental assisting career might be perfect for you! To learn more about how you can earn a dental assisting diploma in Colonial Heights, Virginia, please give our friendly team a call today at 804-526-0231 or follow us on Facebook!