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Working in the dental field is a popular career choice for many people. It’s one of the many places where you can bring a smile to someone’s day. As a dental assistant, you can help your patient feel healthy and good about themselves, whether they are showing up for their routine dental cleaning and exam or for a much-needed dental treatment to solve a dental issue. Both help to maintain your patient’s oral health so they can look and feel their best.

What’s it like to work in the dental field?

Working Environment: We see people coming in who want to find themselves in good working conditions. As a health care provider, dental offices offer you a clean, climate-controlled place to work in. You can help your dental team by assisting the dentist with a procedure, take x-rays, make the patient comfortable, help with administrative tasks like dental records and setting follow up appointments, work on laboratory tasks, and more.

On the Job Training: You can expand your skills on the job learning new things hands-on with a variety of co-workers, including the dentist and dental hygienist. Take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to your work to help you be a better dental assistant.

Work Anywhere in the Country: As a dental assistant, you can work for a variety of dental offices, anywhere in the U.S. in a big city or small town setting:

-General dentist
-Oral surgeon

You Are Needed: Dental assistants are needed all over, and that hasn’t slowed down yet. At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, our team, led by Dr. Tom G. Schleicher offers a complete curriculum for Dental Assisting in just 13 weeks. You will attend 78 hours of lectures and labs and complete a 50-hour dental assistant internship.

If you are excited about the possibilities of becoming a dental assistant, we welcome you to give our team a call today at 804-526-0231. We are here to help you create the job of your dreams!