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Working in the dental field as a dental assistant means having an understanding of how the mouth works so you can help your dental patients keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong. You need to know what makes a healthy mouth and recognize potential developing issues so they can be addressed early when they are most effective and least invasive to treat.

The mouth isn’t just needed to smile, speak, and chew, but is also a gateway to the digestive system. The oral cavity is made up of these important parts:

  • Hard and soft palates
  • Mucosa
  • Tissues on the top and bottom areas of the mouth and the inner cheeks
  • Gingiva/gums
  • Tongue
  • Uvula
  • Tonsils
  • Salivary glands
  • Frenum
  • Teeth-enamel, dentin, cementum, pulp and roots

As a dental assistant, knowing your way around the oral cavity helps you help your patients and your team to diagnose problems and implement subsequent treatment. The teeth, gums, tongue and salivary glands all work together to help the mouth chew and speak. When problems arise it can affect their digestive system and overall health and well-being. Studying oral anatomy will help you become familiar with disorders of the mouth and their effect on the oral structures. 

Common Oral Issues

  • Bruxism
  • Gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Malocclusion
  • Oral cancer
  • Oral lesions
  • Wisdom teeth impaction

Our team at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia is pleased to offer a thorough understanding of basic oral anatomy and the structures in the mouth that dental assistants need to properly perform daily tasks helping their dental team. You’ll learn administrative tasks where you observe and record data on your patients. Our coursework provides you with a 78-hour lecture series covering a variety of topics, including oral anatomy, so you can establish a solid foundation with the knowledge you need and complete your 50-hour internship program.

After you fulfill your graduating requirements you’ll be certified to serve as a great dental assistant who can work well in the dental industry! Upon graduation, you can go to work as a dental assistant in any kind of dental field, whether that’s at a general dental office or an orthodontic, endodontic, or periodontic office! You can be a valuable asset for dentists, dental hygienists and other oral health care providers. You’ll be able to perform clerical duties like scheduling patients, filing, sterilizing or preparing equipment and even develop X-rays/radiographs.

We welcome you to check out our Dental Assisting Institute in Colonial Heights, Virginia, by calling 804-526-0231 today. We are excited to answer your questions and help you begin your journey as a great dental assistant!