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Here at the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, we offer a complete curriculum for earning your diploma in dental assisting in as little as 13 weeks. The program starts with 78 hours of comprehensive classroom lecture and hands-on lab work. Once this has been completed, we then provide each student with 50 hours of real-world experience in an active internship.

Dental assistants are often key members of a dental office. You will be given training and experience opportunities that provide many services, like passing tools, developing X-rays or assisting in dental impressions to support both dentists and hygienists.

A dental assistant might also be called upon to help with clerical as well as administrative duties. This might include helping with charting, filing, or even contacting patients for scheduling. In some dental offices, this might also include submitting claims to insurance companies.

Each clinic participating in our internship program is just as passionate about training new dental assistants as we are. To that end, they are all eager and interested in giving you the quality real-world experience you need to join a professional dental team.

If you are ready to take on a new career in the oral healthcare industry, you should call 804-526-0231 to ask about Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia’s dental assistant program.