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If you are looking for a new career, then we have exciting news for you! Having a career in the oral healthcare industry can be extremely rewarding. Thanks to the increased access to high-quality dental insurance, more people than ever before are able to seek the dental help they need, which means plenty of demand for dental assisting careers. Dental assistants are needed to serve a wide range of duties which includes talking to the guests and helping them feel more comfortable, preparing trays, assisting in dental procedures, filing, some clerical duties, and other responsibilities your residing doctor may have for you.


Here at Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia in Colonial Heights, our program will provide you with detailed education and assistance in experiences needed to help you succeed and begin your career as a dental assistant. We offer a 78-hour lecture to help educate you on all duties of a dental assistant. After that is completed, there is a 50-hour internship available to give you a first-hand experience you need in the medical environment. If you think you are interested, please call us today at 804-526-0231 to seek out further information. We are always happy to help you begin your new career as a dental assistant.