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Did you know that the healthcare industry offers job security, stability and rewarding work where you can have a big impact on others’ lives? This coming new year why not give yourself the gift of a successful and rewarding career by investing in your future?

Attributes of a Successful Dental Assistant

-Helping: this is one of the main tasks you will be doing on a daily basis, so if you enjoy helping people, your dental assisting job will fill your cup daily!

-Organizing: having strong organizing skills, including prioritizing tasks will keep your workflow steady and fluid no matter what the day brings.

-Listening: Hearing your patient’s needs and listening to your dental team is vital! Helping patients feel at ease during their time in the chair, applying constructive feedback from your dental team and being a problem solver will all help you succeed at your job.

-Adapting: Managing various daily duties with flexibility helps your team when things come up. Being willing to jump in and help wherever needed, whether it’s getting treatment rooms ready for each day’s appointments, greeting patients, handling X-rays or sterilizing instruments will make you a valuable asset to any dental practice.

-Empathizing: Showing kindness, knowing when others are stressed and a desire to help them feel better by putting yourselves in their shoes are the makings of an outstanding dental assistant.

-Communicating: You are the go-between for patients and the rest of your dental team (including your dentist) to keep things running smoothly.

Don’t Wait!

If you think you have what it takes to be a dental assistant and you live near Colonial Heiths, Virginia, we invite you to check out the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia. Our dental assisting courses are taught in a real dental office under the tutelage of a successful dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher and his team. After only 13 weeks, 78 hours of lectures and labs and a 50-hour dental assistant Internship, you will have the skills to begin your journey as a dental assistant!