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The New Year is now in full swing and many of us are looking at the year ahead and setting goals! If you are thinking about setting new career goals in the dental field, our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia team is here to help you achieve those goals!

Located in Colonial Heights, Virginia, we have been training future dental assistants with our training program for years now. If you decide to join us, you will receive individual, hands-on training with our practicing dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, in a real, honest-to-goodness dental office!

What Will You Learn?

Our curriculum allows us to teach you what you need to know in just 13 immersive weeks. You’ll get 78 hours of lectures and labs, plus a 50-hour dental assistant internship to participate in. When you walk out our doors you’ll know if dental assisting is the right choice for your skillset, and feel ready to open new doors in the field.

Projected Job Benefits

The good news is, dental assistants are in demand wherever you go, improving your odds of finding a job quickly and counting on job stability as you serve both dentists and your administrative team alike. Whether you are learning about oral anatomy, radiography, clinical dental assisting, chairside manners along with administrative skills, you’ll have the chance to shine.

What sets us apart is that our program emphasizes attention to detail and high-quality care, using personal, hands-on instruction from Dr. Tom G. Schleicher in a dental office. To help support interaction, we limit our class sizes to 12 students.

Join Us!

If you are excited to start this new year with new job goals offering stability and room to grow with experience, we welcome you to call 804-526-0231 or visit us in Colonial Heights, VA, today. We’re excited to help you get the training and career you desire in dental assisting by applying to our program through our application process. We look forward to working with you for a stellar 2022!