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January is a time of revving up for the new year with all the wonderful changes we want to make in our busy lives. This is a good time to reflect on what you want to see happen this year. Are you unhappy with your current job or are looking to enter the dental health field? If so, our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia is here to help you reach your educational goals and get you on your way to a fulfilling and rewarding career!

Who We Are

We have a reputation for providing exceptional dental assisting training through our school in Colonial Heights, Virginia. We are pleased to also serve the neighboring areas of Chester, Chesterfield, Fort Lee, Prince George, Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, and Richmond, Virginia. If you elect to attend our training program, you can look forward to getting not only individual, hands-on training with our skilled dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, but you will do so in an actual dental office!

Talk about a real-life, eye-opening opportunity to witness how a dental office operates in real time! This way you don’t have to picture yourself in the environment, you’ll be in it. Our past students have loved having this experience to determine how successful they can be in pursuing their dental assistant dreams.

What Our Dental Assisting School Offers You

  • Training in a working dental office
  • Small, more personal class size of only 12 students
  • Get your hands-on training in only 13 weeks
  • Previous attendees enjoyed a hire rate of 90% before graduation

Since there is a high demand for dental assistants around the country, you will be on track to get a stable career you can count on as you pursue your goals. Read about our curriculum.

Register for Classes

Are you excited about learning more and taking the next step in your educational training as a dental assistant? We welcome you to give us a call at 804-526-0231 and register for the class. Our new start date is planned for March 16th, 2023. Before you know it, you may qualify to work in the dental assisting field!

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