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If you are thinking about entering the workforce as a dental assistant, we have information to prepare you for this journey. At the Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia, we have helped many of our students train for rewarding jobs. Under the mentoring eye of Dr. Tom Schleicher, you too can be trained by people actively working in a successful dental office! We can confirm that it truly is a rewarding career choice for many and are excited to help you make the leap to a successful dental assisting career yourself if you are ready.

Do Your Skills Measure Up?

You are here because you are needed, and having the right kind of skills can help make your work more enjoyable and invaluable. Take a look at the following traits to see where you fall on this spectrum of dental assisting work.

-Are you a good communicator?
-Are you easy to approach?
-Are you flexible when it comes to managing your time?
-Are you excited to handle details?
-Are you someone with a strong work ethic?
-Is being a dependable team player high on your list of priorities?
-Do people tell you that you have strong interpersonal or organizational skills?

Along with learning the ins and outs of oral anatomy, taking X-rays, scheduling patient appointments, helping out with dental procedures and keeping patients in your care comfortable and relaxed, you will need these skills to excel in your work. Keeping your team and patients happy will then be a breeze. You are in a position to assess your potential for growth to know you are making an educated, well-thought-out career choice that will best serve you in the years ahead.

Taking the Next Step

When you sign onto our dental assisting program in Colonial Heights, VA, you will spend 13 weeks learning how to be the best dental assistant when you graduate. You’ll partake in 78 hours of lectures and labs and complete a 50-hour dental assisting internship. See for yourself how you feel about being in a dental office in this chosen capacity. Once you see that you can do this with confidence and joy, you will truly be qualified and prepared to start working in a dental office! Helping you become an excellent dental assistant is our goal. Join our team in Colonial Heights, VA, by calling 804-526-0231 today.