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If you enjoy working with people of all ages and are interested in the clinical dental field, you might be an excellent candidate for our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia! We offer a complete curriculum to earn a diploma in dental assisting.

One of the areas we cover is clinical dental assisting. This area may include front desk office work, working with the dentist using four-handed dentistry techniques, taking X-rays and prepping patients. With clinical assisting you will also learn about hygiene, an area that focuses on understanding oral anatomy and the nerves so you can effectively assist with anesthetics, clean your patients’ teeth and keep the patient relaxed and comfortable.

You will learn proper brushing, flossing and pediatric hygiene when directly involved in your patients’ chairside care or circulating assistant. If you are assisting your dentist, you’ll be teaming up with the dentist on tasks. You will need to know how to mix dental materials, exchange instruments with the dentist and be able to offer an oral evaluation during procedures. You’ll also be involved in infection control compliance to keep your patient and dental team safe from the spread of infectious diseases. You’ll learn how to minimize the risk of spreading infectious disease, which includes processing and sterilizing instruments. You might be doing the following when a patient comes in:

Dental Assistant & Patient Experience

-Prepare the treatment room, dental materials, and dental instruments for the patient
-Bring the patient to the room, seat them, and prepare them for their procedure
-Assist and provide prepared dental materials to the dentist chairside as needed
-Provide postoperative instructions for aftercare if the patient has a surgical treatment
-Oversee the infection control of the patient to keep them (and your team) safe from the spread of infection
-Perform radiographic procedures safely for dental exams
-Engage in basic laboratory duties, such as pouring impressions for diagnostic casts
-Keep the patient calm, reassured and feeling supported during their treatment
-Perform specific intraoral procedures

When you attend our dental assisting courses in Colonial Heights, Virginia, you will be trained by an experienced staff led by our dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher in his own practice. You’ll experience 78 hours of lectures, labs and a 50-hour internship in 13 weeks. Those 13 weeks can change your life! By the time you receive your diploma, you will have the skills you need to be an effective contributor to a dental practice. We welcome you to give us a call at 804-526-0231 today to learn more.