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Dental assistants do many things throughout their day. One of the best things they accomplish is creating more smiles while working on patient care, taking dental X-rays, maintaining records, and even scheduling appointments. Their day-to-day duties encompass administrative and clinical work, assisting the dentist during patient treatment and processing lab requests. Your tasks will ensure that you are a vital member of your dental team!

Compassion is one of the skills you need to have as a healthcare professional so that you can keep your patients comfortable while helping them understand the best way to take care of their smiles so that they will be healthier overall. Their teeth and gums are a major part of their overall health, as poor dental health is linked to other health problems like gum disease, heart disease and diabetes.

One thing you can count on is that healthcare keeps growing and that includes dentistry so your skills will continue to be in demand. While most dental assistants work in dental offices, you can also work in doctor’s offices and government offices.

What You Can Expect

-Your work will help patients have a positive dental experience that can affect their smile for the rest of their lives. Positive dental experiences mean they won’t skip out on dental visits that could hurt their oral health and overall health.

– Your technical skills will keep your patients safe (taking dental impressions, X-rays, sterilize equipment and support the dentist and office management).

-Your hours can be flexible so you could choose part-time or full-time work or work between two offices.

-Your work experience will always be needed and you could even work in dental groups.

-You’ll likely have access to dental health benefits, even medical insurance, sick leave, etc.

-You can take your dental assisting experience anywhere in the country.

If becoming a dental assistant sounds good to you, our Dental Assisting Institute of Virginia can help you reach your goal! Our experienced team in Colonial Heights, Virginia, has been serving students in the surrounding areas of Chester, Chesterfield, Fort Lee, Prince George, Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, and Richmond, Virginia to get the training and experience they need.

Why Choose Us?

-You’ll get individual, hands-on training with our dentist and staff while earning your dental assisting diploma in just 13 weeks!
-You’ll learn from a skilled dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, with his own dental practice, seeing firsthand what will be involved in your career choice.
-You will expand your skillset to include attention to detail and providing high-quality care for your patients.
-Your classes are limited to 12 students so that you can get the attention you need to answer your questions or concerns.
-You will have a thorough curriculum to prepare you for your career.

If you are ready for a career change that can bring you happiness, stability and satisfaction, we welcome you to apply for our program today! You can call 804-526-0231 or visit our office to learn more and to apply to our program. We are excited to help you succeed!