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Have you been thinking of making a career change that can make a difference in the lives of others? Are you wanting to provide an important service to the people around you when you show up for work every day? Our team at the Dental Assisting School in Colonial Heights, Virginia has been helping aspiring dental assistants train for just such a career possibility!

Hands-on Training

Under the tutelage of our practicing dentist, Dr. Tom G. Schleicher, our training program will provide you with the individual, hands-on training you need to transition to your new field of work anywhere in the U.S. You will be joining up to 11 other students to get the individual training you need before graduating.

One of the subjects you will learn about is recording medical histories for your patients. Accurately documenting a patient’s medical history is crucial so that your dental team can take care of the patient safely, whether you are creating a physical chart or an electronic record. This chart protects both the patient and your dental practice to avoid malpractice due to accidental mistakes.

Patient’s Medical Record Charts the Following:

-Medical history (including surgeries)
-Dental history (including oral trauma or surgeries)
-Conditions potentially affecting their dental health and treatment options
-Medical information  such as allergies, diabetes or heart condition in case of a medical emergency while receiving dental treatment
-Patient’s current medications
-Contact information for the patient’s general doctor
-Patient’s social and family history
-Routine updates in regards to their medical history, progress notes or noting a change in health
-Why the patient is being seen for treatment and any current symptoms

As you can see, creating and maintaining your patient’s medical/dental chart is an important part of your job as a dental assistant. After graduating from the dental assisting program at the Institute in Colonial Heights, Virginia, you will be prepared to join a dental practice as a valued future employee! To find out more or sign up for classes, we welcome you to call 804-526-0231 and prepare to change your life.